June Hagen Ph.D.

Marriage and Family Therapist

Certified Disability Management Specialist

American Board of Vocational Experts

Ph. (310) 399-3754  Cell: (310) 617-8734

June Hagen, Ph.D. has been in the field of vocational rehabilitation for over 30 years. She provides Vocational Expert Services to Employment, Personal Injury and Family Law firms, as well as the Social Security Administration.  She has testified in Federal, Superior and Family court for over 20 years.

Dr. Hagen creates Vocational Plans for insurance companies, injured parties and persons seeking career guidance.  Her education and experience in the field of psychology provides her with the ability to analyze persons’ interests and life goals in conjunction with any limitations to formulate a plan for a successful and satisfying return to work.

Ergonomics has always been an important factor in keeping workers on the job.  June Hagen analyzes and modifies work stations for companies and individuals, with the County of Los Angeles one of her primary clients.