Today many students are spending 5 years in college to complete a 4-year degree. This is because they are trying to figure out what they want to do while in college. This lack of direction is costing tens of thousands of dollars, not only in the extra tuition and school costs, but also in lost income in the year or more that these students are taking to get their career started. Rather than waiting until college to figure out a major and a career, it is advisable to see a career counselor at the end of high school.

A career counselor can do more for a student than a school guidance counselor.  Guidance counselors do not have the time or expertise to assist students in figuring out what specific occupation is best for them.  Career counseling with a high school or college student first examines the individual’s abilities, skills, interests and personal goals in life to identify the most appropriate majors and courses to take. At the same time, specific occupations are identified which Dr. Hagen and the student research in a collaborative team approach. Her education and experience in psychology are valuable in addressing any emotional reasons a student may have for being not being able to make a decision.

To assist the student in focusing on a specific path, a personal interview and testing are utilized.  A selection of potential occupations are then explored by the student and Dr. Hagen together.  Occupational information is researched including education or training needed, skills and aptitudes required, salary, working environment, availability of job openings in the local labor market, potential for growth, and how the occupation fits into life preferences.

After the student has narrowed the choice of occupations being considered, Dr. Hagen can further advise the student regarding volunteer or intern opportunities, job shadowing, specific coursework within a major and networking to make an informed choice before committing to a career.

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