Vocational Rehabilitation and Evaluations

June Hagen, Ph.D. provides vocational evaluations and rehabilitation planning services to persons with disabilities. She has extensive experience in working with California Workers’ Compensation, the FELA, Longshore and Harbor Workers, Jones Act, and Long Term Disability insurance systems. Vocational Evaluations include a thorough interview, analysis of transferable skills, vocational testing, analysis of recommended alternative occupations and labor market research.  She is an Approved Vocational Evaluator  for CA Workers Compensation.

Through vocational planning, Dr. Hagen can work with the disabled individual to chart the most direct path to a successful return to work. She works with treating physicians to help determine physically appropriate job goals. The labor market is analyzed to assure sufficient openings and positive future trends. The need for additional skill training will be assessed and quality, state approved, cost-effective schools will be located. She then works closely with the individual to develop effective job seeking and interviewing skills. Dr. Hagen assists in locating appropriate job openings and developing a resume and cover letter that will get results.

Contact June Hagen, Ph.D. to schedule a vocational evaluation for your client. 310.399.3754